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Fundusz Wieczysty Milenium Polski Chrześcijańskiej

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Orlinski Fund

Pilot Training scholarship 

Polish Scouting Association in Canada

Wawel Villa – Archive Museum dedicated to Polish soldiers

Laski Institute For the Blind, Poland

Zofia, Jerzy Rozwadowski Disadvantaged and ill children in Poland
Bronisława Stanisławska

Students of Polish descent studying Polish history

 “In memory of beloved sons Wojtek and Witek Stanisławski murdered in Auschwitz German concentration camp”

Inz. Zbigniew Czaplinski (AK) Students who are descendants of soldiers of the Polish Home Army 1939-1946
Helena Pierzchalska

“Canadian Polish Education Fund”

“Canadian Polish Scholarship Fund”

Mary Bieniewski

“Count Walter Bieniewski Memorial Fund”

Polish Cultural activites in Canada relating to music and dance

Waleria Hojka  General Fund  
Kazimir Zaborowski General Fund  
Aleksandra Dragczyk  General Fund  
Sławomira Ostrowski  General Fund  
Dr. J.S. Biskupski Students of Polish descent studying Polish literature at a Polish university
Stanley Czulinski General Fund  
Wanda Zalutynska General Fund  
Michał Zurowski General Fund  
Christopher Krajewski General Fund  
M. & J. Stitski Polish Scouting Association in Canada
Hm. Barbara Glogowska Polish Scouting Association in Canada
Jan and Janina Gregalis University of Toronto Slavic Studies / Chair of Polish History
Polish Scouting Association in Canada
Laski Institute for the Blind, Poland


The Canadian Polish Millennium Fund gratefully acknowledges the many contributors not listed here who have generously supported the fund over the years.


The Canadian Polish Millennium Fund is a charitable organization incorporated under the Canada Corporation Act
and donors may deduct donations to the Fund from their Income Tax citing registration number: 0392316-59-13.

For assistance in creating perpetual awards that will be given to students or organizations please contact our office
at 416-532-1921.